Ground Inspection


Twenty-four hours before the match the host Safety Officer or perhaps the Stadium Manager will also represent the club at a pre-match inspection of the ground along with the police. The inspection usually covers important aspect of public safety, including:


(a) Basic structural conditions, state of terracing, including clearance of snow and ice and generally good housekeeping considerations within the ground, consistent with crowd safety and fire prevention objectives;


(b) The effect of any maintenance and construction work on the safety and evacuation arrangements for the ground;


(c) Exit routes are to be checked to ensure that they are clear and exit doors/gates are operating properly;


(d) The erection, position and maintenance of high quality signposts giving clear instruction to the public on:-

(i) direction to turnstiles;

(ii) home and away support area;

(iii) segregated areas with ground;

(iv) turnstile numbers;

(v) notices at turnstiles outlining restrictions imposed by the Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) act 1995 on patrons entering the ground;

(vi) exits;

(vii) police office;

(viii) first aid station

(ix) toilets (male and female);

(x) NO SMOKING and

(xi) the existence of CCTV.


There is also merit in surveying the exterior of the ground and approach routes with a view to taking any action that may be necessary to reduce the availability of missiles and weapons, from obvious sources such as rubbish skips, scaffolding sites and ongoing building sites.



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