Liaison with the police match commander and other agencies


In between times the Safety Officer and the Police Commander, between them, will invariably:


(a) Liaise with YOU in your capacity as the 'AWAY' Safety Officer.


(b) Liaise with the HOME Ticket Centre in order to secure specimen match tickets in the event that any forgeries begin to circulate.


(c) Ensure the attendance of suitably qualified Duty Doctors, Scottish Ambulance Service personnel, and volunteers from the St. Andrew's Ambulance Association or other first aid provider.


(d) Liaise with the Communications Department of the local police force to ensure that sufficient radio systems, personal radios and standby technicians are available on the match day.


(e) Conduct media interviews to appeal for fans to arrive early, park in the designated areas, refrain from drinking to excess and not to bring provocative flags, bottles, cans, et cetera.


(f) Gather relevant intelligence by speaking to supporters' organisations, rail companies, bus operators, shipping companies, airlines, other police forces, and the National Crime Intelligence Service.


(g) Liaise with Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary within whose area Irish ferries, which carry substantial numbers of Rangers and Celtic supporters, berth and through whose area they subsequently travel after disembarking at Stranraer and Cairnryan.


(h) Liaise with other Scottish and English Police forces through whose areas large numbers of Rangers and Celtic fans usually travel to both Ibrox and Celtic Park.


(i) Liaise with the Divisional Commander of Strathclyde Police 'A' Division through whose Glasgow City Centre area the bulk of Rangers or Celtic, and possibly 'away' fans will most certainly pass.


(j) Liaise with the Glasgow City Council's Roads Department to ensure that no ongoing road works will impede the free flow of traffic to and from the match.


(k) Liaise with Glasgow City Council's cleansing Department to secure street cleaning services between kick-off and full-time in order to prevent the availability of bottles, cans, et cetera, if disorder breaks out after the match.


(l) Liaise with Strathclyde Passenger Transport to secure the maximum flow of buses and underground trains before and after the match.


(m) Liaise with the Meteorology Office in order to be conversant with likely weather conditions and the potential for a postponement or abandonment of the match.


(n) Liaise with whichever company has the television rights for the match in order to determine and thereafter authorise their camera positions in accordance with the club's Safety Certificate, and


(o) Liaise with Strathclyde Fire and Rescue to secure tenders on site or on standby.


(p) Laiase with Strathclyde Police on all matters of terrorism that may impact the match.


This list is neither intended to be exhaustive nor constructed in any order of importance. It merely points to some of the actions that have to be completed to ensure a safe and successful match.



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